We provided a full range of services for the development of applications for business: from documentation and technical specifications to the publication and support of the project in the future, including the implementation of the server side. Our work is aimed at creating applications that directly benefit your business: reducing costs, making profits, new customers, optimizing the business processes.
We appreciate the time
As your partner IT, we assume all risks associated with the development process. Working for a long time on the international market, we have learned to apply the best practicies of the industry and our own experience in order to minimize risks; fullfill tasks on time and ensure high quality standards.
We have specialists
Art Plan team is experienced analysts, designers, developers, testers, project managers. We will study your requirements and prepare an optimal implementation plan: from concept development to launch, and also help you to think over the strategy of monetization and promotion of the product.
We achieve results
Our development philosophy is a combination of experience and modern trends in the technology world. We constantly improve our skills, master new tools and approaches. This allows you to create powerful and flexible solutions for your business, effective in the present and future.
Premium service
Starting the cooperation we sign the "Non-disclosure agreement"- your confidential data is safe with us. After delivery of the project, we will eliminate bugs free of charge during the warranty period and provide further support on favorable terms.
We provide support
Having developed an application in our company or any other, you can order an information, technical or complex support service. Professional support will guarantee its 100% effiency and the relevance of the information, posted on it.