Our services

Development of client server applications

Our team develops highly-loaded client-server applications that can work at high loads using the best technologies.

  • The main server development language "Java"
  • The main technology of the client "AngularJS"
  • We use any databases
Mobile application development

Application development is the currenr trend. We develop mobile applications for phones and tablets, as well as applications for smart TV

  • Developed for IOS
  • Developed for Android
  • Developed for Windows Phone
In the interests of the customer

You have a project that works, but you need to establish management and its development, as well as timely development of software tools.

  • We perform technical expertise of the code
  • We provide product refinement
  • We manage projects in the interests of the customer

At your request we will prepare a commercial offer and a preliminary estimate of the development cost for free.

Most popular

  • Technologies used

    We can implement software development in any programming language and using any technology. View the entire list.

  • Mobile applications

    Development of mobile applications for all known operating systems,such as IOS; Android; Windows Phone&

  • Software design

    If you have an idea, we will help you create a technical specification with which you can determine the cost of developing a software product and implement a project.

  • Smart TV applications

    Creating applications for smart TV on Android OS will help you to expand the functionality of the project and get new users.

  • Prototyping

    Do you want to make a great application or a design web interface? How to achieve of it? You need to make a clickable prototype and develop design based on it.

  • Project management

    Software development is a complex engineering task. You have an idea, but not every person can control the development every dat monitoring the process. You created the project and want to develop it- a professional team will help to establish the process and achieve monetization of the project.

Our support

We always ready to help

Imagine the situation: you decided to create some software product, ordered its development, the work was done on time. The contractor surrendered to you the work and handed over the manuals. All, now you yourself... The project is running on servers, and it works. But something went wrong...And your IT service does not cope

It is always good to have support from a developer or team that provides technical support for the product.

  • We provide post-warranty service.
  • Service support 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Diagnosis and testing while the software is running.
  • Quick refining and solving the problems with the load during the operation.

Additional services

Development of technical specifications

We develop technical specifications of the requirements, based on the provided concept, for a detailed assessment of the cost of work on software development and project implementation.

  • Analysis of the project based on the concept
  • Technical specification preparation
  • Development of detailed prototypes
  • Conducting usability testing
Creating prototypes of software products

If there is a specification of requirements for the creation of a software product, you can need to create a prototype, with which you can understand how well the interface is designed and what disadvantages there are, since after the software product is developed and presented, the cost of processing will ammount to ammounts comparable to the development from scratch. As well as what is even more important-will be lost a lot of time.

Any software product for the user is its appearance. When developing a design, the prototype always allows you to imagine how the ready interface will look and correct the time in time. Finalization of the design after the release of the product in the release is always time-consuming. To create a high-quality design, it always requires a full-fledged prototype.