Our services

Web application is a new fantastic tool for doing business. What you need to manage the company is powerful tools and instant reports, evaluation of the effectiveness of the entire company and the work of each employee- all this in a computer or any other device connected to the Internet (even in the phone). Web applications allow you to forget about the need to buy powerful computers for employees, that the program and IT infrastructure of the company is required to maintain. All you need to work is any device with Internet access. Manage a company when you are sitting on the ocean.
The main task is to keep pace with the times and, moreover, to stay ahead of it. Those who are able to anticipate market trends and world trends earn billions of dollars by using mobile technologies. When ordering mobile products from us, you get not so much technology, as intellectual opportunities, on basis of which the concept of business development in the mobile field is formed.
In the life cycle of the project the existing goals and objectives are adjusted in accordance with the current requirements of the situation. The world does not stand still, everything changes, your project should also develop. We provide technical support and management- we regularly post new materials on the sites, eliminate the errors found, add new functions. We make your project better.
Technologies used
The choice of a particular technology platform depends on the requirements and features that exist for your project. Art Plan company has a large expert base of the most modern and demanded technologies and always develops its knowledge and skills in them.
Smart TV applications
TV Smart opens new boundaries compared to the usual cable television, there is access to a variety of alternative points of view, copyright and amateur video that previously could not get on the TV screens. The television environment becomes more extensive, open and public. It is no longer limited to the standard list of cable channels, now the user can choose which of the millions of video fragments on the Internet to watch.
Designing and prototyping
A good builder knows exactly— seven times measure, one cut, and the house without a drawing will not be built. The site should also be submitted- first a prototype, a project, and then everything else. How useful is the design of the site? The speed of development increases. Due to rapid visualization, you can in a matter of hours check how any idea, and any functionality for strenght. By creating prototypes of key sections, you can create a clear picture, test working thoughts and find solutions for user tasks even before the project is launched.